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   Every project has a beginning. This patio had old clay bricks, not pavers, laid only on sand. The homeowners removed them before we arrived. Challenges on this project were to run electric for paver lights, install three drains and use two pavers of different thicknesses. Two styles of pavers are 60mm and the other is 80mm.
   7 1/2 inches of soil needed to be excavated and exported off site. This would allow room for 4 inches of compacted AB, which is used to prevent any future movement of the pavers, one inch of bedding sand and pavers. We are an ICPI, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, member and we install according to their guidelines. Confidence in our installation methods allows us to give every completed project a 5-year warranty, which is the longest in the Phoenix market.
   A geo-textile material was used under the AB due to the high clay and silt content of the sub-soil. The geo-textile increases the stability of the soil. It also prevents the AB from migrating into the soil over time. The AB will be spread out and compacted in two inch lifts.
   The base has been compacted and one inch of concrete sand has been screeded. The screed pipes are still in place, after they are removed we will be ready to lay pavers. We will start in the right corner, because it is a 90 degree corner.
   Pavers were laid in a left-to-right running bond. The circle was used for two reasons. The owners wanted a couple different textures, shapes and colors, also a unique, but simple design was incorporated into the circle for the homeowners. Areas with no pavers have to be cut-in.
   The cuts are finished and we are installing the plastic edge restraint, which will keep the pavers from creeping. Did you notice the light in the paver in front of Sean's right knee? This project utilized 12 paver lights between the pavers and the stair treads. The homeowners were so happy with the final product, that they took a photo and used it as the cover for that years Christmas card. We are thrilled when our clients embrace the finished work with such passion!

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